CLC Ministries

           We have several Ministries at Christ Lutheran that help us serve God in a variety of ways. They are "Ministries," not just "committees," that meet from time to time. Each Chair or Vice-Chair attends our monthly Church Council meetings to help guide our work together.


CLC Church Council Officers

  President - Steve Mitze; Secretary - Judy Barnhart; Treasurer - Mary Kay Sjoken; Financial Secretary - Martin Meyer


Deacons Ministry

Head Deacon - Diana Meyer; Deacon, Year 2 - Bill Witt; Deacon, Year 1 - Mark Barnhart

Our deacons help CLC run smoothly by supervising staff and worship assistants.  They also help the pastor with administrative decisions, and listen to new ideas and suggestions to improve our life together.  They work with our Worship Committee, Altar Guild, and sound system team.

Evangelism Ministry

Chair - Leslie Strike; Vice-Chair - Elaine Stevens

The Evangelism Ministry welcomes new friends to CLC and connects us to life within our church family. They organize our communication efforts, including the website, Facebook and FaithStreet pages, and newspaper ads and articles. They also encourage people to send them pictures of church events to put on the Facebook page.


Faith and Family Ministry

Chair - Jennie Aikman; Vice-Chair - Ashley Muse

The Faith and Family Ministry provides programs to help all ages grow in faith and learn more about God. These programs include our Sunday School for children, Adult Christian Education Seminar (ACES) class, and summer Vacation Bible School. They maintain the library and Resource Room.

In addition, this Ministry promotes ELCA and local youth events, and arranges child care for CLC events.  They ensure that our children are safe at all CLC events by following our Child Protection Policy. They also care for our college students, sending them cards and care packages while they are away from home.


Fellowship Ministry

Chair - Jack Hehn; Vice-Chair - Bill Iliff

The Fellowship Ministry helps bring us closer as brothers and sisters in Christ by creating opportunities for us to get together. They organize events, which have recently included Euchre Night, Uncorked @ Krannert Center, dinner outings, family putt-putt, and more. They also organize our Fifth Sunday Brunches and other potluck meals. This Ministry does a great job of helping CLC feel like a genuine, loving family!

God's Gifts Ministry

Chair - Donna Witt; Vice-Chair - Karen Molloy

The Stewardship Ministry invitespeople to work on various CLC ministries, inviting us each year to reflect on the gifts and skills God has given us.  They use a Time & Talents survey to give everyone in our congregation opportunities to serve God and their neighbors. They also invite us to contribute financially to the work of God in this congregation, and support efforts to be responsible and gentle toward the environment.

They coordinate the community and global service efforts of CLC, plan mission trips, and connect CLC members with other service opportunities in the community.

Property Ministry

Chair - Jack Johnson; Vice-Chair - Jim Molloy

The Property Ministry takes care of CLC building and grounds, by organizing work crews for repairs and painting. They set up fall and spring work days after worship, in which CLC members perform routine maintenance that keeps everything in good order. Sometimes this Ministry uses their construction and maintenance expertise in the community as well.